2017-01-04 Version 4.0.2 (Cloud)

Feature Add support to Log In via selected 3rd party Identity Providers (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) using oAuth 2.0
Bug fix Incorrect TinyMce configuration when loaded by ajax (Question form)
Bug fix Variable "Valid to" is not printed into invitation emailing (Invitation to Course)
Feature Add variable "Valid from" to be available to print into invitation emailing (Invitation to Course)

2016-10-19 Version 3.10.5 (Cloud)

Change New custom themes

2016-06-13 Version 3.10.4 (Cloud)

Change New custom themes

2016-05-01 Version 3.10.3 (Cloud)

Change New custom themes

2016-03-22 Version 3.10.2 (Cloud)

Change New custom themes

2016-01-14 Version 3.10.1 (Cloud)

Change New custom themes

2015-10-05 Version 3.10.0 (Cloud)

Feature Support for PHP 5.5
Feature Handle storage quotas on application side
Change Change document root due to moving data on separate EBS volume (migration to AWS OpsWorks)
Change Update App Setup
Bug fix SaaS installer malfunction

2015-08-31 Version 3.9.5 (Server)

Feature New Installer interface
Feature Add support for changed SQL upgrade scripts (single file)
Feature Remove deprecated options from Installer

2015-08-19 Version 3.9.4 (Cloud)

Bug fix Multiple reminders not propagated from certificate template to certificate when generated (only one reminder is propagated)
Bug fix Bug ACT12204 regression - caused by ACT12192
Feature Login form maxlengt fix - after upgrade check customized templates fix (by design) and conflicts solve manually

2015-08-07 Version 3.9.3 (Cloud)

Bug fix E-mailing - Cannot create new message (or template), save action ends up with syntax error

2015-08-06 Version 3.9.2 (Cloud)

Bug fix Monitoring - fix report_version

2015-08-04 Version 3.9.1 (Cloud)

Bug fix Added missing SK, DE, RU translations to new strings, correction of EN and CZ
Bug fix SQL update collision on some customized instances

2015-08-03 Version 3.9.0 (Cloud)

2015-07-31 Version 3.9.0 RC2 (1438349368)

Bug fix Tool New item is disabled in Certificates component (all roles)
Bug fix Form of external SMTP & LDAP setting, input for passwords are type text – should be password
Bug fix User with role Admin and Trainer cannot invite users to course (fail with warning Item not found)
Bug fix Message template (E-mailing) form - option Type should not be in UI
Bug fix When adding recipients to a new message (E-mailing), tabs Accounts (Contacts) and Employees are visible
Bug fix Missing newly added localizations stings in db template (my_profile f.e.)

2015-07-31 Version 3.9.0 RC1 (1438324701)

Feature E-mailing component - complete revision (setting, requirements, UI)
Bug fix E-mailing component not accessible to Admin/Trainer role - update permissions
Bug fix Bug ACT12220 not fixed as declared (build flow error)
Bug fix Account box does not accommodate the added text My profile (CSS site theme modification needed)

2015-07-29 Version 3.9.0 Beta (1438180237)

Bug fix My profile - data mapping to form input mismatch
Bug fix Repository should not contain folder >demo< in Medialib\_shared
Bug fix Tool Invite to course (Administration > Courses) has missing icon
Bug fix E-mailing component not accessible to Admin role - update navigation
Bug fix Button to add users to User Group (Administration) is not labeled properly
Bug fix Missing localizations - other than English not available
Bug fix Upload not possible (dialog does not show any controls, nor fallback w/o flash)
Bug fix Form Certificate templates, input Validity - use lang. string >months< instead of >month<

2015-07-23 Version 3.9.0 Alpha (1437631558)

Bug fix When adding users to User Group tab Employees is visible in popup window
Feature Support for Active Directory (full sync) over LDAP
Feature Installation use SQL database template instead of running SQL scripts
Feature New advanced notifications and mass mailing support
Feature Support for external SMTP server (SSL/TLS)
Feature Enhanced Certificates including templates - Expiration date, forms - new inputs, new view
Feature UI to manage new Settings (Active Directory, External SMTP, Login page options)
Feature Added system setting option to enable/disable Self Sign up functionality
Feature Automatically disable Self Sign up and Lost password functionality if LDAP (AD) is enabled
Feature Add component Assignments to license key
Feature Enhanced filters (OR operator, filtering by binding tables)
Bug fix Fixed resetting of limits (monthly CRON)
Feature Update Reminders to be used within Courses & Certificates to setup Notifications
Bug fix Filtering test results by User Group with 0 users causing fatal error
Feature Update Messaging components to be added to standard solution (support Permissions etc.)
Feature Removal of language strings duplicate source (CSV files)
Feature Localizations are installed from SQL installation template like other data
Feature Option to choose localizations to install removed from installer (CSV removal dependency)
Feature Automatically disable My Profile and Change password functionality if LDAP (AD) is enabled
Feature Profile of student (My profile) and Change password page in Training Site now in standard solution
Feature Added system setting option to enable/disable My Profile and Change password functionality

2014-08-05 Version 3.8.4 (Server)

Bug fix Administration - Certificates - PHP Warning message visible

2014-07-31 Version 3.8.3

Bug fix Test case 1/7.4 - Warning message in course report
Bug fix Test case 1/14.2 - Warning message in test report

2014-07-31 Version 3.8.2

Bug fix Test case 1/3.2 - Loading image not completed
Bug fix Administration - Course - Lessons creation - image not loaded from media library

2014-07-31 Version 3.8.1

Bug fix Update incorrect Ioncube encoder settings to support PHP 5.4 features

2014-07-31 Version 3.8.0

Feature Add support for PostgreSQL 9.x and PHP 5.4
Feature Remove check for PHP version in installation
Bug fix Fixed typo in config_medialib.php in allowed extensions variable variable (wmw to wmv)
Feature Update class Licensing to be able to load properties from encoded files
Feature Add version variable and developer variable to properties in encoded files (while keeping the old variable in license key for backward compatibility and removing it from database table settings)
Feature Refactore install.php not to clean-up the directory anymore and not extract the double ziped package
Bug fix Messaging component: email body with stripped HTML tags still has special chars encoded (fe. &) causing links malfunction in webmail services
Feature Add database error tracking when executing DB inits during installation proccess
Feature Fix several occurences of PHP 5.4 Strict warning when initiating an empty object
Feature Remove PHP error reporting setup from several PHP files (including TinyMCE plug-in)
Feature Add new CRON launcher based on CLI
Bug fix Messaging component: recipients column "status_name" is not set properly

2014-05-15 Version 3.7.1 (Cloud)

Bug fix Administration - Test results - Manual evaluation - Fatal Error after trying to update test result

2014-05-12 Version 3.7.0

Feature Minor auto-loader optimalizations - speed
Feature New prepared statements have been prepared to be executed while script is running to lower the database load
Feature DB queries have been optimized for performance (new optimized VIEWs, columns enumerations etc.)
Bug fix Training Site - Course player tree navigation render allways flat even when lesson has parent
Feature Login page text (Training site) - add E-learning as a H2
Bug fix Administration - Questions - Cannot create questions - Not a UTF8 compatible string
Feature Test results detail (Admin) - expand all answers by default and remove javascript to collapse/expand
Bug fix Training site - Course with automatic certification end up with fatal error when accessing the last lesson (getting 100%) in course player
Feature Theme CSS - add H6 default rule
Bug fix Theme CSS - missing float clear of banner wrapper element
Bug fix Admin theme - about dialog visible at print
Bug fix Administation - problem with drag&drop lessons within Courses tree
Bug fix Administration - Question form - item name (title) of question is rendered with html tags
Feature Trainig site - new banner image with new Learnis logo
Bug fix Training site - Course player - link in message displayed when accessing the lesson inaccessible by learning path policy does not work
Bug fix Cannot change user name of registered student
Bug fix Administration - Test results - Missing require evaluation status
Bug fix Administration - Test results - weird code fragments displays in question type
Bug fix Aministration - Test preview - Waiting for displaying the question
Bug fix Training site - Submitting of the Sign Up form end up with fatal error
Feature Test player performance issues - remake whole player to AJAX to save the overhead with page beign re-render with every question
Bug fix Training site - Test attached to course has broken permission inheritance, so start page ending up with an fatal error, finish page msg item not found

2013-12-15 Version 3.6.1

Bug fix Standalone installation scripts malfunction

2013-11-29 Version 3.6.0

Bug fix Training Site - Forum - paging malfunction
Bug fix Reporting - duplicated answers in attempt questions (table report and charts)
Bug fix Administration UI - using many popup windows in short term causing 400 Bad Feature error

2013-11-27 Version 3.5.9

Feature Add class Site Activities & WP Activities to manage custom logic

2013-10-11 Version 3.5.8

Feature Courses - new Learning Path - lessons learned and tests passed
Feature New component Assignments

2013-10-03 Version 3.5.7

Feature Add shortcut for inserting (sharing) YouTube videos within TinyMCE via plugin
Feature Reporting - 3x new reports for courses dimension on learning progress
Bug fix System setting - Version is lost from db on site re-save (removed from form)
Bug fix Fix in pChart library - zero values malfunction in pie chart
Feature Reporting - 5x new report for tests dimension - Survey mode
Bug fix Chart Types - vertical_bar_chart and bar_chart switch
Feature Add support for inserting html entities into content (for source code examples) f.e.
Feature Add support fot creating compex mathematical equations within WISIWYG (TinyMCE) using fMath pluging

2013-01-04 Version 3.5.6

Bug fix Core - instances (without alias) have trouble uploading files into MediaLib (caused by ACT07941)
Bug fix SaaS Monitoring service not working - get_monitoring_data is missing in components/index.php file

2013-01-03 Version 3.5.5

Bug fix Admin - it is not possible to import a file to ML (only on aliased domain)
Bug fix Upgraded instances on C6 does not reflect changes made by ACT07641 (invalid groups to have no permissions)
Bug fix Admin - Administrators - Cannot edit Admin and Trainer user - Fatal error

2013-01-02 Version 3.5.4

Feature Add system version into DB
Feature Site Theme - remove system version from templates, multiple places
Feature Create app_setup configuration file to separate CORE installations and STANDALONE instalations
Feature Core - rename instance package folder
Feature Put monitoring file into components folder (so it is in SVN and not just CORE subdomain)
Feature Add possibility to easily change active theme path for frontend (used for CSS,images,..) in cofig_paths file
Bug fix Core - instances have trouble uploading files into MediaLib (only domain)
Feature Localizations - alter path to localizations files
Feature Security - Login should support upper case letters
Feature Turn off error reporting for components used by AJAX,... and for site
Feature Add new localizations (DE and RU) into instances package

2012-12-14 Version 3.5.3

Bug fix Installation process - platform detection malfunction during installation process
Bug fix Users – all demo users have Czech localization - alter to English
Feature Users - several demo users have obsolete values in their emails or www addresses
Feature Cfg.ini and class Setup clean-up - get rid of and other obsolete values
Bug fix site - EN loc. - Wrong CZ strings after generating the certificate
Bug fix admin - groups - users - go to - component not found
Bug fix Site - Netventic logo in footer having incorrect link
Bug fix site - EN loc. - sign up form – incorrect CZ string control code

2012-12-13 Version 3.5.2

Feature About Dialog - facelift, drop lic_owner information (newly managed via licence key subsys)
Feature Change default amount of administrators in license key in package to 20+1 (originally 6+1)
Feature Website Settings - Merge changes (netventic rebrand) made to DB init into 3.5.0 SaaS package
Bug fix Logo of sys. developer for Admin skin - update to Netventic
Bug fix ADMIN - courses - lessons - save and new inside lesson creates a new course instead of lesson
Bug fix Site - test - EN localisation - array of questions is displayed in CZ instead of in English
Bug fix Localizations - replace all occurances of the word allready with already in english localization file (en-us.csv)
Bug fix ADMIN - courses - lessons - incorrect message on lesson delete
Bug fix ADMIN - medialib – incorrect appearance of image uploaded to ML
Bug fix ADMIN - dashboard - after creating and saving a new dashboard - whole app is showing dimmer even after logout
Bug fix Site - test - time countdown is not properly localized

2012-12-08 Version 3.5.1

Feature Add application language switch to administration
Feature Database init - default URLs in en-US
Bug fix Group validity support in Permissions subsystem - merged into ACT07641
Feature Permanently accept (db) localization from admin login page
Bug fix Database init - fix wrong language key used in page Search results causing empty value on output
Bug fix Courses - Tree, Next&Prev lesson buttons should reflect active=true value
Bug fix Fix - Admin and Site application language switch is using localized strings for localization naming so user cannot understand the values if switch to unknown language
Feature Installation process - modify check of installed versions of PHP (5.3) and PostgreSQL (8.4) - version must match
Feature Add language strings for de-DE and ru-RU, including flags, CSS IDs etc.
Feature Add ru-RU, de-DE and other relevant localization for TinyMCE, ImageManager, Calendar and other plugins
Feature Installation process - enhanced support for Windows / Unix platforms
Bug fix Administrators - disable dropdown with localizations when editing himself
Bug fix Site teplates - >login< localization key is not translated to value, renders using parset tags (%%) instead, replace by >home< string
Bug fix Permissions - improve permissions for groups (invalid groups to have no permissions)
Feature Added support for importing of PPT files via JOD/OOO for Windows platform
Feature Installation process - add support for non-www hostname (address) - localhost, IP
Feature Localizations - set default localization to en-US in INIT data
Feature Localizations - replace missing localization strings with a corresponding string in default localization
Bug fix Course player - missing support in site templates in SCORM mode to maximize SCORM content (iframe) and modified navigation for SCORM mode
Feature Courses webpart - fix major slowdown in site courses (webpart) when there is more then 10.000 of users in database (caused by trainers course info)
Bug fix Learnis ADMIN – incorrect label on tool Create course
Feature New branding (Netventic) in Site footer

2012-06-15 Version 3.5.0

Bug fix Site - in content remains static link
Feature Support for https protocol using SSL certificate for both downloadable and hosted instances
Bug fix Site - Course player - Automatic mode with SCORM course does NOT generate certificate
Bug fix Admin - search results - seeing non-elearning components
Bug fix Site - banner box without link tpl - missing content loading in template
Bug fix Test Attempts (Results) - Permissions do NOT inherit correctly when test is attached into lesson
Bug fix Admin - improve license key inconsistency warnings
Feature Forms Engine - add type CUSTOM to questions
Feature Icon for Certificates component
Bug fix File_handler - method deleteFolder() causes too many warnings during installation
Bug fix Lang strings - website - search results page - broken string inside message
Bug fix Installation process - demo data should be deleted from repository in case of no-demo-data installation
Bug fix Courses - admin - preview tool doesn't work properly
Bug fix Forms Engine - tool Save and new (when saving from new item - ADD action) fails with fatal error
Bug fix ADMIN - Courses - read only course - when editing course with lessons, in root level is displayed disabled add lesson button
Feature MediaLib - please implement limit for files stored on server/DB using license key restriction
Feature SCORM 1.2 and 2004 (basic) implementation
Bug fix User setting bug - fatal error when change user setting to whole system
Feature Site - update jQuery to version 1.7.2
Feature Add tool Preview into Certificates component (view)
Bug fix Admin - Course - RESET tool does not reset SCORM data
Feature New component Certificates
Feature Develop tool for importing of powerpoint presentations (ppt, pptx) into course content
Feature SCORM - courses import - Analysis, estimates
Feature Implement media library data limit defined in licence key
Feature Design a new custom toolbar for courses
Bug fix Wrong sequence of pages in horizontal menu (site wp menu)
Feature Improved installation process (AJAX), optimalizations, DB cleanup
Bug fix Admin - fatal error after login, when user(admin) does not have language assigned
Bug fix Admin - Localization strings grid - disabled tool Export is enabled when displaying filter
Bug fix Import tool (Courses, Students and Localization strings) - add protection not to import files other than PPT/ZIP/CSV/... picked from MediaLib
Feature Develop new WP - Website - language application switching
Feature New component icons - certtificates and localizations strings
Bug fix Site - wrong language sting
Bug fix Admin - Students - Import does not work (due to import tool redesign in courses)
Bug fix INIT data - fix issue in portal data - registration form
Feature Site CSS - add row to forces the duplicated warning msg on login page to disappear
Bug fix Admin - Form Students - remove checker Lock In - obsolete
Bug fix Site - wrong language sting - value
Bug fix Site - lang string - Kurz nenalezen has sting Download nenalezen
Feature SCORM player template - remove width / height attributes and move them to CSS
Feature Languages (localization strings) - install and import procedure
Feature Language (un)selection for users/admins causing Fatal Error
Bug fix Admin - login page - string in page title - wrong (nadpis)
Bug fix Site CSS - misleading comment on line 1010
Feature Certificates - add component to navigation
Feature Treat situation when users current lang (saved in cookie/db) is disabled for site + workaround localizations
Bug fix Site - page Login has wrong link to registration (hardlink to instead of
Bug fix MediaLibrary - _shared/demo files are missing on server but they are in database
Bug fix App lang switch - wrong manupalition with url
Bug fix Multiple string typos
Feature Setup - Website - form of website - cleanup, refactor
Bug fix Site - course player - FATAL ERROR - when trying to automatically generate the certificate
Bug fix Site - Search results page - page title is not localized
Bug fix Admin - Inconsistent permissions for forum item

2012-04-10 Version 3.0.1

Feature Local help added into Reset course dialog explaining whats is it all about
Bug fix Site - Lost password - submitting existing login will end up without any MSG (no success MSG)
Bug fix Admin - Course - add lesson action - ghost lesson item in tree is OK, but after adding some tests, it goes back to big disabled button Add lesson
Bug fix Admin - Courses / Pages / standalone Downloads - attached files - missing sorting
Bug fix Courses - tests attached to Course info page (CIP) causing several issues - remove this functionality
Bug fix Courses - progress view does not include new column course_id in attempts
Bug fix Unclear texting at site - courses list - return to course when course is finished - collisinon with return from test finish page
Bug fix Admin - general bug/feature - tabs in external window should reflect permissions
Feature Admin - Courses - add default value to loadDefault() method - Trainer = current user
Bug fix SITE - Courses – cannot return to course using button Return to course when test is attached to course (not to lessons)
Bug fix ADMIN - Courses – Save and new – creates sublessons insted of creating lesson into current level
Bug fix Admin - structure - when coming to component (being in view), role webmaster can add new items even if he does not have permissions to do so
Bug fix Rebranding - Site/Admin - old graphics in use need to replace
Feature Courses - lessons (items) tree - save position of items on drop automatically via AJAX
Bug fix Admin - Courses - if course has no lessons and is not writable for current user, button ADD NEW LESSON is still enabled
Feature App logos and favicon - new redesigned identity
Bug fix Toolbar JS error - reset tool has quotes in string in makeSure()
Feature Create specification for computing the TOTAL course progress for course list (all subscribers)
Feature Media Library - CSS for folder's bredcrumb dropdown navigation WIN7 style
Bug fix Admin - MediaLib - tool Download is showing -Choose at least one item- even if several items are selected
Bug fix Admin - structure - tool Properties is enabled in toolbar (edit action), while not implemented in this component
Bug fix Admin - Tests (properties) - Help sting (hint) for max number of attempt is missing information that unlimited = null
Bug fix Admin - Questions form (type Audio) - missing implementation of Media Library on load item (audio file)
Feature Add tool for reseting course x user data and attempts
Bug fix Adding lessons (items) into tree - change - items are added into current level, not sublevel and virtual new items is displayed (disabled)
Bug fix Admin / Site - Wrong progress of course
Bug fix Course Preview is returning Lesson not found when lesson is out of range of learned lessons (countinuous path)
Bug fix Admin - search results - every component query will fail when incorrect encoding is supplied in the search query
Bug fix Admin - Students (and possibly other users) - JS generating login malfunction when surname is short
Bug fix Admin - Courses - tool Add and new is having wrong behavior when used twice in a row
Bug fix Site - lessons attachements - Wrong strings (create and use pattern for both course and lesson)
Bug fix Site - Courses, lesson, structure - add cleaner inside content wrapper to fix content float issues causing collapsing of layout inside content
Bug fix Admin - Courses - unlocalized string >Before adding new lessons please save course first.< in course_panel.tpl
Bug fix Admin - Media Library - newly imported items (green) - first item is not marked as new, only second and next items
Bug fix Admin - Dasboards - grid with test results does not reflect new permissions aprocah for test results
Bug fix Site - Admin - Forum - message about posting into moderated forum is not displayed in site, but in admin
Bug fix Site - cannot submit registration form in IE9
Bug fix Site - Registed user dow not have owner (= causing permissions problem in Admin > Students)
Bug fix Site - registration failed (student not inserted into DB)
Bug fix SITE - Forum – locked thread has incorrect icon
Bug fix ADMIN - testy - otázky - typ otázky: označení oblasti na obrázku - nelze nahrát obrázek - není napojená Media Library
Bug fix Admin - Courses - disabled control to adding first lesson is displayed even when there are somne lessons allready
Bug fix Admin - Roles - message Role not allowed, ans i still cannot edit profile (forgott to add data into init)
Bug fix Site - Test results page - WP :: canceled test - wrong position of webpart Canceled_test (below content?)
Bug fix Site - Wrong sequence of pages in top menu (e-learning default)
Bug fix Admin - Media Library - first file upload fails (ends up with loading)
Bug fix Admin - user with role Trainer cannot write into Medial Library at all after install (db init data)
Bug fix Admin - Course report - treat situation when no data available - empty report - do not show message No records found or No data available
Bug fix Admin - Wrong links to students importing tool in essential tools templates (admin)
Bug fix DB INIT - Missing tool import / export in students
Bug fix Site - wrong path to media lib images - banners (was in _website folder?)
Bug fix Installation process - broken toolbar
Feature Align column in mGrid - columnGoTo align to center
Feature Use special appearance of control for firing Media Library in gallery pattern
Feature Dashboard - rename gadget Chat to Essential Tools for Elearning
Bug fix Adnin - Websites - Structure - after speed optimalization superadmin dont see any items (pages)
Feature Remove mobile link from login page until feature will be stable
Feature Admin - courses grid and other - make images little more bigger
Bug fix Site templates - Pagelayout - homepage_website.tpl.php contains double filename code
Bug fix WP :: Menu - Vertical menu - wrong sequence of items on create
Bug fix WP :: Articles (news_list_latest_item.tpl.php) does not respect future date of publishing
Bug fix Site search algoritmus - failed on phrase containing Slovak characters (ô)
Bug fix Courses should NOT have IP range permissions - remove from perm.form
Feature Admin - Courses - course/lesson properties dialog - tune strings for course/lessons context
Bug fix Site - templates files (tpl.php) are loaded from C3
Feature Courses Categories - mirror UI joint
Bug fix Users form (pattern used in Acc, Con, Stud, Emp..) - dropdown with languages does not reflect active languages set up via website (still showning CZ, Sk, EN))
Feature Admin - Courses - detail of course - in tree change root of all course to course root
Feature Find js plugin to jQuery for image manipulation (crop, resize, ...)
Feature Support for micro tools in toolbar
Feature Admin - Courses - tool Preview
Feature Admin - Questions form - title - load Name (content), strip tags and lenght same way as in grid
Feature CMS engine - speed - db Features optimalization (core)
Bug fix Dashboard - selector of current dash (dropdown) when no Custom dashboard it still show >My Dashboards< optgroup
Feature Remake all mGrids witch attachments (files) to new MediaLibrary mGrid
Feature Add tools activate and deactivate (switching) into items detail
Feature Add special New item language string to all components and add sopport for separated Add folder tool in system
Feature Add tools activate and deactivate into grid
Bug fix WP :: Menu - horizontal menu - does not support SCALE_CURR_BRANCH and starting and ending level
Bug fix Item activity (tool active true/false) is switching to deativate on item resave
Bug fix Students – new item
Feature DB init - page Login - Any content here... replace by meaningfull text
Bug fix General: Translate functions does not match all diacritics around the system
Bug fix Subpages of hidden pages are displaying under the homepage
Feature Settings - Website - turn off German language (in INIT data - required)
Feature NTC in mGrid are anoying and too big - redesign
Bug fix Admin - test results (attempts) - grid pagination malfunction
Bug fix Admin - Calendar - Add action = unsupported action
Bug fix Ajax grid - external mode - click on row - wrong handle of background color
Bug fix WP :: Banners - do not load target, wrong empty link behavior
Bug fix Installation process - sysReg item is compiled without html entity
Feature Attach dashboards Essential tools gadget for Admin, Webmaster, Superadmin
Feature Add link to support page to system login page
Feature Create new control Configure
Bug fix Site search - highlighted phrase is shifted when text constains diacritics
Bug fix Tests/Questions in admin - switching (using Ajax) from list to tree view (acomm) does not reflect create new item dialog (catalog)
Feature Media Library - CSS issue - selected row class is not working properly
Feature Design new dashboard with Essential tools
Bug fix Admin - Page templates - cannot edit item
Bug fix Grid - global behaviour - ACOMM does not show disabled Pagination button - after AJAX load, it is shown
Feature New icons for Media Library
Feature Develop Item Properties Dialog (IPT) for courses and lessons separating content from properties with form complexity level support
Feature Add new button (tool) to toolbar for creating folders
Feature Media Library - refactor all messages
Bug fix Export malfunction - file cannot be downloaded - download tool was probably changed due to MediaLib
Feature E-learning - INIT- no Welcome Page, Course page as homepage, Trainer (components)
Feature Admin - welcome message is quite anoying and call for redesign
Bug fix Dashboard - disable tools Edit and Delete when system dash is selected
Feature Courses and lessons - w/o for separate class manage for content / properties part of form
Bug fix Admin - New student form - roles dropdown showing all roles
Bug fix Media Library - in list mode cannot use letters sorting
Feature Add support for Properties dialog in tests form
Bug fix CSS, TPL, Images - multiple issues
Feature Dashboard selector - align to right, position it into toolbar
Feature Get rid of downloads (standalone downloads) for Trainers
Feature Dialog new dashboard - missing strings in english version
Feature Admin - Courses - Remove tool Revisions from the toolbar, keep it only in context of content textarea and perex textarea
Bug fix Rename tool in MediaLib allows you to use characters like ~+- while Upload and EditImage does not. Please unify.
Feature CSS Style Disabled, Missing, New - for grids
Feature Language strings - learner -> student
Feature Implement New widget for Dashboards - RSS channel
Bug fix Media Library - 2 files with same name can be imported (physicall file is overwritten but double db entry is inserted)
Bug fix Admin - lang string New user-s- group
Feature Grading scales will be configurable only via test edit in context of selector via config control
Feature Finish Trainers dashboard - synchronize with documentation (some tools were removed) + localize strings
Feature Admin - templates - need to load cvalue / filename into title_external_mode.tpl.php for sprites same as in menu.tpl template
Bug fix Admin - New board is created deactivated by default
Feature Admin - Forum (boards) - form - change checker >Read Only< to >Closed> + allow editor at forum description in admin
Feature New Thumbnails view mode for grid and implement for Media Library
Bug fix Upload / Edit Image - both in czech language, even if user is english
Feature Admin - Add action on read only component is disabled
Feature Courses Categories - manageable only via course detail (externally) and mirror the UI joint
Bug fix Admin - Courses grid - cannot delete multiple courses
Feature Remove insetStock class from mGrid wrappers of 2. generation
Bug fix Moving of repository/_system/image-na.png is causing malfunction of correct image N/A generating
Feature Optimize toolbar in Qiestions component for 1024px wide viewport at most
Feature Define new CSS classes into MediaLib - wh32px controls for all supported mimetypes and specific controls (folder, level up)
Feature Charts component - missing css def. for external title icon
Bug fix Medialib - editimage on folder - error still loading, missing message
Feature TinyMCE - character replace definition in JS
Feature Enable Preview tool in important e-learning components - courses/lesson and test
Feature Media Library - enable better positioning of folder/file names for clicking in all 3 display modes via CSS
Bug fix Media Library - filetypes controls and folder and levelup have cursor-pointer and image filetypes no - unify via CSS declaration
Bug fix Admin - Courses - Deleting of lesson is redirecting to grid, should go on course (previous lesson?) form
Feature Simplification of the UI (namely e-learning) - overal tasks
Feature Admin - Courses - UI refactoring - multiple issue
Feature Redesign welcome screen behavior to ABOUT window
Feature Move support web path into cfg.ini and replace in tpls (login, menu, account_menu)
Feature Redesign icon for >Remove selected< and >Remove joint< below mGrids
Feature Remake admin buttons to CSS 3, get rid of spare sprites graphics for buttons
Feature Admin - test results (attempts) - view (R) only items with permissions - use TEST's permissions
Feature Setup Trainer's medialib root level - where he can go up to same value as Admin has = he can access _shared folder
Feature Refactor texts Folders/List to Folders: On/Off because of colision with list view mode
Feature Properties icon in toolbar - choose more colorful, it looks like disabled when in disabled panel
Feature Language strings - completed > Completed
Feature Implement permissions tool in MediaLibrary
Feature Media Library - connect to global search subsystem when finished
Feature Trainer, Admin, Webmaster, Superadmin navigation - final assesment
Feature Create dashboards Essential tools gadget for Admin, Webmaster, Superadmin
Feature Component Tables (References) is DEPRECATED
Feature Admin - make logo unclickabe because of false click when using toolbar, remove app logo in externall mode and replace it with com identification
Feature Media Library - implement permissions for edit (how about upload?) tool - tinymce editor (crop for example) and SAVE changes into R folder only
Feature Permissions tool - in Media Library move to standard position in toolbar + add to external mode in all component where perm.implemeted
Bug fix possible bug - Admin - add action is nit correctly disabled/enabled?
Feature Toolbar facelift according to new micro tools
Bug fix Site - test finish page (when manual evaluation is set) - missing icon results in broken image
Bug fix Admin - Courses - charts relevant to courses are including lessons - include only courses type of items
Feature Media Library - develop CSS rules for List and Thumbnail mode switching
Feature Redesign Courses icon - now containing (>) symbol similar to company logo
Feature Media Library - develop CSS for Tiles display mode and make tiles default mode view for medalibrary
Bug fix Toolbar - multiple micro items in toolbar sets malfunction
Feature Media library - optimize toolbar for 1024px
Feature Media Library - implement move tool (dilalog is not showing folders)
Feature Medialib - Delete tinyMCE filemanager from SVN
Bug fix Admin - Media Library is initialized with tinyMce CSS classes (broken appearance) in Course detail - multiple places
Bug fix Admin - grading scales in external window - cannot delete item(s)
Feature New permissions approach in tests results - Administrators should see only relevant (their) results
Bug fix Admin - Calendar component - drag and drop of activities malfunction (probably permissions)
Feature Redesign gallery pattern
Bug fix Admin - all grids have bug in Save view tool - label for checkbox Use in items details links to previous checkbox
Feature Site - WP :: Tests in progress (list)
Feature Remove link Edit in record printout (unstable feature)
Feature Develop special class for important inputs like Name (course form) fior achieving liquid width / add selectively
Bug fix Admin - Courses - cannot create course - FATAL error
Bug fix C3 bugreport - Sitemap - wrong permissions behavior, sitemap is not visible when user is not signed in
Bug fix Add lesson / both controls / malfunction - lesson is added as course, not lesson (missin parent or some hidden tinput removed during course form redesign)
Feature MadiaLib - creating new folder MUST use translate() method to strip all diacritics
Feature MediaLib - remove tool Appearance from toolbar
Bug fix Admin - Courses - attached files - missing sorting (Same as at structure) and also bug when removing any file from list the message no_records_found will appear when another files are still in the list
Feature Add condition for external mode (body prefix class) into CSS to achieve orirginal bg conditions to solve design issues in external mode vs forms versus grids (all modes)
Bug fix Admin - Tests - mGrid of questions - wrong counting of items (x from y), x is ok, y is wrong when items are removed from mgrid
Feature Solve few issues with CSS 3 buttons in admin - controls having special appearance need to reconfigure
Feature Media Library - add alt+title to filename with additional informationa about file
Feature Media Library - Translate folder user_xx to fullname
Feature Remove Dictionary tools from TinyMce toolbar (mceAdvanced)
Feature New Media Library
Feature Courses - new course without any lessons - in tree panel we can display nice big button 64x64 Add new lesson
Bug fix Media Library - Gallery pattern - edit image and change name cuase error
Feature Refactor code for insertting / editing new folder inside medialib, tests, questions manage
Feature Re-check removeAll, remove and broke bond (joint) control icons
Feature Media Library - cropping content (overflow) in tiles and thumbnails - set overflow to hidden for tiles and thumbnail mode
Feature Add >Download file< tool into MediaLib toolbar
Feature ImageManager config.php setting for file extensions - duplicated white list (file extensions)
Feature Implement Rename tool for files and items (!)
Bug fix Site - courses list - attached trainers are displayed with colon, again
Feature Fix tinyMCE image properties dialog in chrome - dialog content dont fot and is showing sliders
Feature Medialib - add tool Permissions into external toolbar + remove switch Folders on/off
Bug fix TinyMCE Multi-Upload - multiple issues
Feature MediaLib - add breadcrump navigation above grid/tiles/thumbnails
Bug fix Admin - Courses (Tests) - properties dialog - refresh from external window looses item name in subject
Feature Media library - Gallery pattern - edit tool remove and replace by edit image + click on image - do not add next image card but replace image in current card instead
Feature Admin UI - Refactor and simplify of important e-learning forms
Feature TinyMce Upload & Edit Image - solve some minor issues
Feature Media Library - dialogs
Feature Admin - Dasboards - Essential tools - two links need to develop functionality
Feature Admin - Tool - Import of students
Bug fix Media Library - new folder dialog - input width error
Feature Navigations - cancel sub-components for Courses (tests, questions), move Question below Tests
Bug fix Admin - Grid - toolbars - delete view setting action - enabled when all other viw actions are disabled in global grid - hels table (old-fake component?)
Bug fix Site - test results - not working
Feature Support users and roles creation problem definetly - admin cannot create users now
Bug fix Login to admin - redir after succ login to first available component - not necessarly dashboard!
Feature Courses - list of courses in site and course info - better txt on button when course has 100% progress + customizable class >finishedCourse< to be styled
Bug fix Links to reports at 285 / dev dont work (permissions? - trainer yes, admin no)
Bug fix Important security issue - components/ajax_session_save.php MUST BE protected by authentication
Bug fix Admin - Move tool in MediaLib (and possibly Test/Questions) does not preserve external mode
Bug fix Admin - Course / Test form - tool Properties returns wrong message when course/test is not saved
Bug fix Inline folder / item rename control is inacessible when long name is entered and table cell cause wrap of control to next line when there is no text (only control)
Feature DB init - changes
Feature Implement permissions in all elearning components

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