Netventic Learnis 3.7.1 - fastest version of our LMS ever

New version of Netventic LearnisĀ® is available within our SaaS environment immediately.

This release is about one thing - speed. We did run lot of load and stress tests to determine the bottlenecks in old version. Based on that we did many optimalizations to make application as fast as possible (response time), focused on optimizing for high concurrency (number of concurrent users) and throughput (requests per second), which can easily result in heavy loads and overload the servers.

Accordingly, we also did a complete in-depth performance check of our SaaS environment (aside from the regular ones) and upgrade the eu1 cluster harware to handle the peak traffic better.

In addition to it, if you are interested to see how the application perform on several different configurations, including few Amazon AWS EC2 instances, checkout our performace test report.

See changelog too.

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